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18th March 2023 1:35amPrison Kick War | Hapishane Savaşı by NamajunasSurvival2449
14th March 2023 12:04amV2 Japon Futsal by NamajunasMinigame05627
14th March 2023 12:03amV3 Japon Futsal by NamajunasMinigame03911
14th March 2023 12:03amV4 Japon Futsal by NamajunasMinigame0328
14th March 2023 12:02amV5 Japon Futsal by NamajunasMinigame0223
14th March 2023 12:02amV6 Japon Futsal by NamajunasMinigame0306
10th March 2023 4:14amF1 Racing by NamajunasRacing05311
10th March 2023 3:50amSwing Trambolin by NamajunasMinigame04920
10th March 2023 3:48amAround City by Namajunas Racing0446
10th March 2023 3:46amZombi istilası by Namajunas Survival04918
7th March 2023 9:07pmPower v2 & v3 by NamajunasSports04819
24th February 2023 5:23pmWWE 1vs1 by NamajunasSports06621
24th February 2023 5:19pmDoğru mu? Yanlış mı? by Namajunas Other0407
13th February 2023 8:23am3v3 Futsal | Champions League by Namajunas VOL 3Futsal018482
13th February 2023 8:23am3v3 Futsal | Champions League by Namajunas VOL 2Futsal011153
13th February 2023 8:23am3v3 Futsal | Champions League by Namajunas VOL 1Futsal05012
13th February 2023 8:16am1vs1 Futsal | 2 Ball by NamajunasFutsal07020
17th November 2022 9:52pmNamajunas Race 2Racing08532
14th November 2022 7:41pmWorld War vol 2 by NamajunasRoleplay117268
11th November 2022 9:39amPenalty vs Penalty 2 by NamajunasSports014774
10th November 2022 12:37amKono Game by NamajunasMinigame07612
10th November 2022 12:03amKonane (Hawaiian Checkers) by NamajunasMinigame010845
8th November 2022 12:21amFlappy Bird Sword Version by NamajunasMinigame016378
4th November 2022 7:11pmFutsal 4v4 Fileli Kaleler by NamajunasFutsal012042
4th November 2022 4:42pmLucky Game- Şans Topu - Point Version by NamajunaMinigame010629
3rd November 2022 3:17amFutsal | 4v4 ~ by NamajunasFutsal07219
3rd November 2022 3:16amFutsal | 4v4 ~ by NamajunasFutsal07516
29th October 2022 5:44pmAyna + Japon (TAKIMSIZ VERSİYON) v4 by NamajunasMinigame09530
25th October 2022 2:19amAyna + Japon v4 by namajunasMinigame012553
25th October 2022 2:00amMüzik, Sohbet, Film Odası by NamajunasRoleplay010419
12th October 2022 4:49pmNamajunas Race (My Last Map)Roleplay011730
12th October 2022 3:20pmHouse Of The Dragon War Valn & NamajunasRoleplay011027
10th October 2022 6:45pmTank War [flag version] by namajunasSurvival08425
10th October 2022 6:42pmTank War [8v8} by NamajunasSurvival09739
10th October 2022 5:08pm1920 ermanistan vs türkiye war by namajunasRoleplay013552
8th October 2022 1:10pmboats survival by namajunasSurvival018068
4th October 2022 3:48pmTransfer Görüşmesi by NamajunasRoleplay012324
29th September 2022 4:40amEndure Survival 3 (düz tuş versiyon) by NamajunaSurvival010039
28th September 2022 2:13pmBonk Mixed Version by NamajunasMinigame18830
27th September 2022 11:37amLucky Race by NamajunasRacing110931
27th September 2022 11:36amKafa Topu 2 by NamajunasSports2670367
26th September 2022 3:25amCannon Yellow War by NamajunasSurvival09129
23rd September 2022 9:10pmReverse Bonk [18 players new edit] by NamajunasMinigame010928
23rd September 2022 6:31pmFIT IN ICE by NamajunasSurvival021596
23rd September 2022 3:23amNight War by NamajunasSurvival010934
21st September 2022 12:18amSpaceMelee 2 by NamajunasSurvival013862
20th September 2022 4:32amfutsal v1 & v2 by namajunasFutsal010139
20th September 2022 3:07amDodgeball by namajunasSurvival012550
20th September 2022 12:02amCovid 3 Survival by NamajunasSurvival113954
19th September 2022 6:32amMultiBalls Survival by namajunasSurvival09036
10th September 2022 8:56pmParkur Yarışı by NamajunasRacing111524
6th September 2022 3:38pmEndure Survival 2 by NamajunasSurvival118580
5th September 2022 4:08pmHarita Oylama (VOTE) - by NamajunasOther08112
31st August 2022 3:44pmescape the mysterious maze by namajunasPuzzle115541
21st August 2022 9:28amdeve & cüce by namajunasMinigame011634
2nd May 2022 5:38amChairs 2 by NamajunasChairs014033
30th April 2022 12:06pmSquidGame of Thrones by NamajunasRoleplay012421
30th April 2022 11:13amGame of Thrones war by NamajunasSurvival115665
29th April 2022 9:27amUFC by NamajunasSports011545
29th April 2022 5:54amReverse Bonk [18 players] by NamajunasMinigame016951
28th April 2022 10:44amv2 GK Training by NamajunasTraining020583
27th April 2022 7:33amCovid 2 by NamajunasSurvival112841
27th April 2022 7:33amLaser Fit by NamajunasSurvival120288
27th April 2022 7:31amSurvivor Parkur 9 by Namajunas (last series)Racing116363
22nd April 2022 7:08amTeam Competition by NamajunasSurvival013832
21st April 2022 7:22amWind by NamajunasSurvival114043
20th April 2022 7:04amPenalty vs Penalty by NamajunasMinigame116663
20th April 2022 5:18amBoats by NamajunasMinigame1246109
18th April 2022 5:09am8v8 War by NamajunasSurvival112932
16th April 2022 11:07pmSurvivor Parkur 8 by NamajunasRacing115845
13th April 2022 7:32amDarkRace by NamajunasRacing116055
13th April 2022 7:31amRun by NamajunasSurvival118870
11th April 2022 5:42pmBasketball Training by NamajunasSports117957
11th April 2022 4:14amSpider Man Survival by NamajunasSurvival118258
9th April 2022 5:19amFIT IN v4 by NamajunasSurvival218451
9th April 2022 5:14amFIT IN TREN by NAMAJUNAS (5 red - 5 blue)Survival115855
8th April 2022 6:08pmDeadly Race by NamajunasRacing121083
7th April 2022 7:03pmAylık by NamajunasMinigame116350
6th April 2022 10:16pmSpace Melee by NamajunasSurvival117345
5th April 2022 1:01amSurvivor Vol 7 by NamajunasRacing118249
30th March 2022 2:09pmRemote Warfare (hide and seek version)by NamajunasSurvival115546
30th March 2022 2:07pmRemote Warfare by NamajunasSurvival19622
30th March 2022 5:27amRun by NamajunasSurvival112836
28th March 2022 1:02pmGYM 2 by NamajunasSurvival116357
28th March 2022 1:30amsurvival galaxy by namajunasSurvival116251
18th March 2022 6:56amOlympic 750m Swimming By NamajunasRacing116255
17th March 2022 5:31amSohbet Odası By NamajunasRoleplay120465
17th March 2022 12:38amPower v2 & v3 by NamajunasSports016447
15th March 2022 8:01amSurvivor Puzzle Parkur By NamajunasRacing222675
13th March 2022 5:07amSurvivor Su Parkuru 5 by NamajunasRacing025258
11th March 2022 2:47amFutsal 3v3 by NamajunasFutsal019468
28th February 2022 10:08amDungeon by NamajunasSurvival015128
28th February 2022 9:03amTank War By NamajunasSurvival122091
28th February 2022 5:51amBattlefield By NamajunasSurvival117550
26th February 2022 1:20pmWorld War Roleplayer by NamajunasSurvival216034
26th February 2022 2:56amDodgeball 2v2 by NamajunasMinigame014845
25th February 2022 3:49amukraine - russia war 2022 by namajunasMinigame123474
23rd February 2022 2:11pmCollision 2 Team Racing by NamajunasRacing016740
22nd February 2022 2:24pmworms stairs 1v1 by namajunasMinigame015846
22nd February 2022 2:23pmAir Hockey Futsal Ball by Namajunas Arcade016945
5th February 2022 3:10pmTsunami by NamajunasSurvival019168
4th February 2022 5:30pmKafa Topu Futbol Oto GK by namajunasMinigame018178
4th February 2022 7:23amPolice And thieves - By NamajunasSurvival2238100
2nd February 2022 7:36amDisk Atma Olimpiyat By NamajunasSports117858
2nd February 2022 6:00amCrown Chairs v5 by NAMAJUNASChairs113829
1st February 2022 8:21amSurvivor 4 Labirent Parkur by NamajunasRacing121086
28th January 2022 7:14amPikachu Chairs by NamajunasChairs014438
27th January 2022 7:41amHorrorChair v2 by NamajunasChairs113441
27th January 2022 2:57amdaisy bonk by NamajunasSurvival012538
20th January 2022 7:03pmsnowy football field by namajunasSports117744
19th January 2022 1:03amFit IN HELL by NAMAJUNASSurvival016649
17th January 2022 3:49ammoving bonk by namajunasMinigame017965
16th January 2022 11:55pmAirplane Game by NamajunasMinigame016956
16th January 2022 5:16amSURVİVOR VOL.3 by NAMAJUNASRacing123790
14th January 2022 10:19amSurvivor Parkur 2 (Bayrak yarışlı) by NamajunasObstacle0275124
13th January 2022 3:14amLeo Survival (HELL) edited by NamajunasSurvival015247
12th January 2022 10:35pm4v4 football new pattern by namajunasSports0302114
12th January 2022 8:50pmFit in Space Satellite by Namajunas Survival117353
5th November 2021 9:02amTanks War by NamajunasSurvival123070
3rd November 2021 8:14amWorms by NamajunasSurvival0288106
1st November 2021 3:08pmBonk Movable by NamajunasMinigame017455
1st November 2021 3:05pmB10nk by NamajunasMinigame020976
31st October 2021 11:38amBreakout Mobile by NamajunasMinigame028699
30th October 2021 6:13amSuperman Chair v2 by NamajunasChairs021861
28th October 2021 11:49amEndure by NamajunasSurvival017461
26th October 2021 9:15amMMA 1v1 by NamajunasSports018159
24th October 2021 7:14pmPrisoner Survival by NamajunasSurvival018462
24th October 2021 7:11pmWeb Survival Version 2 by NamajunasSurvival1291142
22nd October 2021 12:08amKuru Kafa Bonk by NamajunasMinigame025881
20th October 2021 8:19ammovable goal posts by namajunasMinigame021476
14th October 2021 10:11pmWeb Survival by NamajunasSurvival121794
7th October 2021 5:53pm3 taşlı dama by namajunasMinigame014628
7th October 2021 2:37pmVolleyBasketBall by NamajunasSports1466229
2nd October 2021 11:28ambreakout by namajunasMinigame015247
2nd October 2021 11:27amcollison team racing by namajunasRacing021359
2nd October 2021 11:26amball cleaning by namajunasMinigame017744
2nd October 2021 11:25amcovid-19 by namajunasSurvival219166
2nd October 2021 11:24amsnipers and prisoners by namajunasSurvival122165
2nd October 2021 11:20amE-5 Highway by namajunasRacing017634
2nd October 2021 11:19am3v3 futsal new pattern by namajunasSports1432177
2nd October 2021 11:01amdinozor parkur by namajunasSurvival118760
2nd October 2021 10:56amSurvivor Parkur ~ By Namajunas Obstacle026599
2nd October 2021 10:54amCivil War Turkey by NamajunasMinigame0303121
2nd October 2021 10:52amdodgeball 1v1 by namajunasMinigame018145
2nd October 2021 10:45amATP Tennis ~ By Namajunas Sports121672
2nd October 2021 10:43amnamajunas practice (training)Training4532234
2nd October 2021 10:41am1v1 tek vuruş by namajunas Sports016639
2nd October 2021 10:39am1v1 Basketball by Namajunas Sports5538286
2nd October 2021 10:38amPubg | Battle Royal by Namajunas Survival019459
2nd October 2021 10:34amÇivili Futbol Sahası by NamajunasSports021664
2nd October 2021 10:32amUltimate Fighting Championship by NamajunasSports018853