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Custom Haxball Team Colors Tool Release

https://haxmods.com/colors/ Create custom haxball team colors with this tool. How to use: – Pick how many colors you want with the 3 buttons at the bottom. – Click an area to change the color. – Drag the outer circle to rotate the design. Copy and paste the generated command into haxball chat (room admin required) … Read more

Haxball Chat Commands

/avatar <avatartext> Sets the player avatar text. /clear_avatar Clears the player avatar text, the player text will be his number. /colors <team> <angle> <textcolor> <color1> <color2> <color3> Changes the colors of a team. Only admins can use this command. Colors are expressed in Hexadecimal RRGGBB, for example red is FF0000, green is 00FF00 and blue … Read more