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Custom Haxball Team Colors Tool Release


Create custom haxball team colors with this tool.

How to use:
– Pick how many colors you want with the 3 buttons at the bottom.
– Click an area to change the color.
– Drag the outer circle to rotate the design.

Copy and paste the generated command into haxball chat (room admin required) to change the team color to your custom created one.

There are also commands generated for use with haxball headless bots.


6 thoughts on “Custom Haxball Team Colors Tool Release”

  1. Can anybody tell me why am I banned from Mario Kart room? I’m a fairplay player, I was target and focus all the time by 7OBI7 and LITT. Sorry but you werent correct, haxmods admin sucks. You can check all the races before the ban received when i played in 04/03/2024. ass. c.Ronaldo #7

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